(Irvine, CA) – Studio Chateau, the internet-based options selection program, has developed and implemented new features that now include a customer service link paired with the ability to customize the look of the builder option pages.

Studio Chateau recognized a need for immediate attention to customer service requests and we created and programmed a custom link that streamlines communication for faster responses,” stated Carolyn Little, Vice President of Options Management. “This easy-to-use link simplifies home maintenance inquiries with an automatic request that is sent directly to the contractor. The pairing of Studio Chateau with any design center will maximize the homebuyer’s experience even after the options are selected.”

Builders now have the flexibility to add the customer service link to the main page of the community’s website which connects the homebuyer to the builder with any questions during construction or after escrow closes. The builder determines the best recipient of the email to address each question while each email creates a log in the customer service module that records a permanent record of correspondence.

Another feature new to Studio Chateau is the ability to customize the look of web pages within the software. Builders can now carry over their company or community branding into the Studio Chateau program to keep everything throughout the selection process cohesive.

“Studio Chateau developed the page customization feature to create a smooth transition from the client’s website into the options pages,” said Little. “This is a popular feature among builders and thanks to the consistency of the client’s branding throughout the Studio Chateau program, buyers don’t realize they’ve moved away from the Builder’s website.”

Studio Chateau is an Internet-based options selection program designed to ease the process of selecting home upgrades for design professionals, homebuilders and homebuyers. The creation of this innovative program stems from the 30-year history of parent company Chateau Interiors, a fullservice interior design center focused on meeting the needs of the builder options program.

The program includes: a visual lot specific builder options catalog for each community, drag and drop placement diagrams for each floorplan, construction cut-off date notification and management, purchase order generation and subcontractor notification, flooring entry and installation date management, accounting management and customer service follow-up and survey.

Studio Chateau is the national leader in design center technology for builder options. Visit; call options analyst Lynn Ellis (619) 916-7959.

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