(Irvine, CA) – As the prevalence of social media continues to rise, Studio Chateau, the Internetbased options selection program, uses its facebook, LinkedIn and Word Press blog accounts as viable sources to better understand, respond to and attract the attention of its clients.

The Studio Chateau social media network provides consumers with the most current updates, announcements and resources. These networks also provide a platform for interaction and discussions with current and potential customers about its online options management program. Consumer feedback provided in these conversations is an essential tool in managing and improving the Studio Chateau product. The LinkedIn discussion group connects like-minded clients to share conversations and link our online community together.

Social media is one of the richest sources of insight, ideas and information,” stated Carolyn Little, Vice President of Options Management. “Our goal in using these networks is to facilitate communication, foster relationships and increase brand awareness. We embrace the need for real-time information and answers and we are able to provide that service through our social media outlets.”

Studio Chateau is an Internet-based options selection program designed to ease the process of selecting home upgrades for design professionals, homebuilders and homebuyers. The creation of this innovative program stems from the 30-year history of parent company Chateau Interiors, a fullservice interior design center focused on meeting the needs of the builder options program.

Studio Chateau improves communications during the new home purchase and interior options selection process. The web-based program connects the homebuyer, sales, design center, purchasing, accounting, construction, trade partners, subcontractors and escrow by providing them all with accurate real-time information.

The program includes: a visual lot specific options catalog for each community, drag and drop placement diagrams for each floorplan, construction cut-off date notification and management, purchase order generation and subcontractor notification, flooring entry and installation date management, accounting management and customer service follow-up and survey.

Studio Chateau is the national leader in design center technology for builder options. Visit; call Lynn Ellis (619) 916-7959 or Dave Snow (602) 920-1564.

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