JUNE 2015 (IRVINE, CA) – Studio Chateau is leading the software industry as the most progressive new home options software program to assist buyers when making their option selections. New homebuilders are choosing to integrate with Studio Chateau because it enhances the homebuyer and homeowner experience.

Integration creates an automated flow of information between Studio Chateau and the client's software system. This integration allows for fewer errors, reduces overhead and increases efficiency because options would no longer need to be manually keyed into the client's system.

Integration is performed as a nightly automated download or live in real time. Clients may also choose what information is shared between the systems such as option/flooring sales totals per lot or a detailed list of each option. The initial set up process will determine the information flow, formatting and frequency. In addition to information streaming from Studio Chateau to the client's software system, clients may also share information from their side to Studio Chateau.

“Studio Chateau has seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards, SAP and Pivatol,” stated Carolyn Little, President of Studio Chateau. “We are currently working on other programs including Timberline."

The creation of this innovative program stems from the 30-year history of parent company Chateau Interiors & Design, a full-service interior design center focused on meeting the needs of the builder options program.

Studio Chateau's technology offers a web-based program that improves communications during the new home purchase coupled with the interior options selection process. The system connects the homebuyer, sales, design center, purchasing, accounting, construction, trade partners, subcontractors and escrow by providing them all with accurate real-time information.

Studio Chateau's options selection program designed to ease the process of selecting home upgrades for design professionals, homebuilders and homebuyers. The program includes: a visual, lot-specific options catalog for each community, drag and drop placement diagrams for each floorplan, construction cut-off date notification and management, purchase order generation and subcontractor notification, flooring entry and installation date management, accounting management and customer service followup and survey.

Studio Chateau is the national leader in design center technology for homebuilder options. For more information regarding Studio Chateau visit or call Options Analyst Lynn Ellis direct at (619) 916-7959.

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