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Who Is Studio Chateau?

Studio Chateau is the national leader of online technology for builder design centers, options
sales and online communication of all option information. We are dedicated to improving the
home buying and home ownership experience and providing better information to vendors, subcontractors and construction.

Studio Chateau Provides?

Complete Online Operating Systems for Design Centers and Builder Option Programs
Option Catalog Development Services and Administrative Support Staff
A Perfect Blend of Technology and People to Insure Our Clients Success
Catalog Development Teams... Content Management Staff to Build and Maintain the Catalog
   Images, Enhanced Descriptions and Options Data
Options and Design Center Training, Implementation and Support
Options and Design Center Operating and Systems Analysis.

What Is Studio Chateau?

Visual Online Design Catalog
Drag & Drop Placement Diagrams
Online Construction Cut-Off Manager
Online Purchasing Support
Online Flooring Manager and Order Entry
Online Customer Service
Web Based Options, Design Center, Construction Management Operating System.


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